1. «influencing by physical virtues or capabilities, effective with respect to inherent natural qualities,” from Medieval Latin virtualis, from Latin virtus “excellence, potency, efficacy,” literally “manliness, manhood»  Virtual Reality
  2. “Registered” through marker Recognition of objects by comparing their shape to a catalog of 3-D models. GPS “unregistered” Time-of-flight cameras and/ or software solutions such as ARKit and ARCore Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
  3. 6. Virtual Reality VR will bring your audiences to a completely new level of consciousness AND explode their minds along the way! Click me Click me Click me
  4. Pokémon Go (2016) $600M Revenue in first 3 months 100M App Downloads within first month $1,2B Revenue in total 5M Daily Active Users in April 2017 8.7B Kilometers walked by users in four months 780M Downloads
  5. 1838 Stereovision
  6. 1956 Morton Heilig (Sensorama)
  7. 1968 Ivan Sutherland (HMD)
  8. 1987 Atari Research (Data Glove)
  9. 1995-2013 HMD-Race

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